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Advantages and maintenance skills of plastic phone case

At present, there are a wide variety of mobile phone cases on the market, which are generally divided into plastic mobile phone cases, matte mobile phone cases, silicone mobile phone cases, metal mobile phone cases and leather mobile phone cases. Plastic mobile phone case is also known as plastic mobile phone case. Nowadays, mobile phone shell manufacturers generally use TPU and PC materials to produce plastic mobile phone cases. For example, Shenzhen Volk is the German imported material TPU, which is not produced in this world. The product is perfect, no matter what kind of material the phone case has advantages and disadvantages. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic phone cases? How to maintain the plastic phone case?
Advantages of plastic phone case:
    1. Lightweight and convenient: the material of the plastic mobile phone case and the silicone mobile phone case are very thin and light, and the current mobile phone case manufacturers have launched a perfect fit body to restore the original touch experience of the mobile phone while protecting the mobile phone.
    2. Good heat dissipation: The thermal conductivity of the plastic mobile phone case is better, so the long-term use of the mobile phone is not easy to cause the temperature to be too high due to the heat spread.
    3. Easy to increase the process: This aspect is also reflected in the type of mobile phone case, because the cost of the plastic mobile phone case is low, so everyone is willing to increase the process.
    4. Does not interfere with the mobile phone signal: Compared to the metal phone case, the plastic phone case will not interfere with the signal of the phone.
    Plastic mobile phone case maintenance cleaning method:
    1. Keep away from high temperature and open flame. High temperature is the biggest enemy of plastic mobile phone case. Plastic is a kind of material with very low ignition point. If it encounters high temperature plastic shell melting, not only will the mobile phone case be destroyed, Shenzhen will have an impact on the mobile phone.
    2. Timely cleaning the mobile phone case. Because the mobile phone case is used frequently, and the plastic material is relatively easy to stick dust fingerprints, especially in the gap of the mobile phone case, it is particularly easy to get stuck in the dust. It is recommended that you do it once a week. Cleaning.
    4. A little dust cleaning: The plastic phone case is relatively waterproof, so everyone is easier to clean when cleaning. Use a wet towel to wipe it. If it is a corner, it is recommended to use a small toothbrush. To clean.
    5. Stubborn stains: Because the plastic phone case is immune to a few oil stains, most of the stubborn stains can be easily removed.
    6. Very stubborn stains: For example, chewing gum, paint, glue and other very sticky stains, it is recommended that you use the oil on the toothbrush to clean, you must not use gasoline or corrosive liquids Cleaning, this will cause corrosion of the phone case, and will cause harm to the human body.
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