The history of the development of silicone mobile phone sets

Silicone phone case from silent to hot. In the early 1990s, mobile phones became popular. At that time, there was a very aggressive name "Big Brother". With the rapid development of communication technology, "Big Brother" became more and more thin, the appearance became more and more beautiful, and the function became more and more powerful. . Up to now, mobile phones have become popular and become a must-have item for life. With the popularity of mobile phones, the peripheral accessories of mobile phones have also prospered. Especially worth mentioning is the change and development of mobile phone protective covers, from practical to fashionable, from heavy to thin, from simple to retro, constantly creating their own fashion. culture.
Nowadays, the silicone protective case of the electronic digital products accessories market is dazzling and full of beautiful scenery. When the mobile phone first came out, the original function of the protective cover was relatively simple, that is, to protect the mobile phone, to install the mobile phone, and to carry it conveniently. The "big brother" silicone protective case is very monotonous, and the "big brother" is wrapped like a baby, lacking aesthetics. At the end of the 1990s, it was common for mature men to own mobile phones. At that time, it was very popular to hang the mobile phone on the leather belt, which is very convenient to use. At that time, the protective cover was basically made of leather material, which showed the mature atmosphere, but the lack of innovation in style and appearance. Of course, the mobile phone did not have the popularity today.
Now, the price of mobile phones has dropped, and college students and middle school students have begun to popularize mobile phones. Mobile phones have become the “three-package products”. Everyone no longer likes to hang their mobile phones around their waists, as if they look old-fashioned. At this time, lightweight cotton, velvet, and silk protective sleeves appeared one after another. With more and more silicone protective shell materials and more and more styles, the protective shell has embarked on a diversified road, but the market for mobile phone silicone protective shells is not hot. After 2007, smartphones began to exert their strength. With the advent of the 4G era, the development of mobile phones has become an irreversible trend in the world. The demand for high-end smart phones is increasing. Especially, Apple's mobile phones have set off the market, and silicone mobile phone accessories have risen again. The professional digital accessory brands are constantly creating in China. Dongguan Qiyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. is a brand that specializes in the field of digital accessories. Its brand mobile phone protective case has more than ten series and hundreds of styles. From single screen to 3D graphics, from Scottish plaid to natural dewdrops, a variety of elements are available in silicone protective shells. Qiyuan Industrial uses modern advanced technology and fashion concepts to create a new and unique mobile phone silicone protective case.
It can be seen that the silicone protective case has been freed from a single protection. It is more about pursuing fashion and expressing individuality, creating more creativity and novelty on this small carrier. When I buy a silicone protective case for my mobile phone today, I might consider how to match a bag to look good. It began to dress up our lives, the future of mobile phone silicone protective shell I believe more is to talk about fashion.


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